The Thermal Scope Cover was designed specifically to protect your investment.

With scopes costing 5-10 times the cost of your rifle, it is absolutely an investment you want to protect!

Working with instructors from the US military, we designed the Thermal Scope Cover to provide maximum protection from the truck to the field and back! The inside is lined with 6mm neoprene. This provides superior protection against blunt force that could result from the gun being dropped. It also helps to keep the scope body from scratching or denting. With many hardcore thermal hunters upgrading their scopes every 2-3 years, keeping your scope in pristine shape helps with resale of it later on down the road.

The cover comes in three lengths: 12.5”, 15.5”, and 18.5”. Each Thermal Scope Cover is 5” from top to bottom and each end is fully adjustable to meet the width dimensions of your eye piece and front optic bell.

To help keep your Thermal Scope Cover clean and off of the ground, each unit comes with Velcro wraps that attach to your tripod legs. Once the cover is removed from the thermal scope, simply attach the nylon buckle into front buckle attachment located at the front of the cover.

Each Thermal Scope Cover also has a crown/barrel cover that can be used if you are traveling through heavy brush. The crown/barrel cover is fitted for barrels with suppressors. While these do protect against dirt and debris, they are not recommended if you are leaving the field with barrels. The material is not high temp resistant like the suppressor covers we offer.

Finally, the Thermal Scope Covers are attached to the gun using the two bottom nylon buckles. Each cover has enough adjustment in the belts to fit both AR style rifles and standard bolt action models. The Thermal Scope Cover also features a zippered pocket and molle for storage and attachments.

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Thermal Scope Cover

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